Tasty Tips For Traveling: Fantastic Street Food Around The World

Traveling the world comes with one of the best feelings ever. You get to experience new people, cultures, landscapes, and sights, and that is what we all live for. If you pay attention to your travels and immerse yourself in the way of life of those in your destination, you understand how exciting it is to taste the best each new destination has to offer.

Many travelers fail to appreciate the fact that good food does not necessarily come from high-end restaurants or standard fast food outlets. If you want the best food, food that really resonates with the inhabitants of your destination, you have to navigate cities and towns on foot and get to experience the street food. It is these delectable delights that can help you understand cultures. You will always want to go back for more once you have your first bite.

Street food is the definition of a true traveler. The feeling that comes with the spirited on-foot search, the aromas, the smoke, the interactions with the local vendors, and getting to taste authentic cuisine is unmatched. After your trip, these experiences will stick in your memory.

Here, we have curated a guide to the best and most delicious street food around the world. The list is endless, and we can name it all, but these street-side dishes will offer a great experience.

Read on as we highlight some of the best street food delicacies and the destinations where you can find them.


Arancini, also known as arancini or arancine, refers to breaded and deep-fried rice balls stuffed with ragu or mozzarella. This dish is native to Italy’s city of Sicily. Every region seems to have a different opinion about the dish. Some of the other stuffings used in preparing the dish include capers, eggplant, and prosciutto. Regardless of the stuffing used, you have to pair it with the best Italian cheese for the best experience.

In offshore Italy, arancini are more of a little cone than the rounded fried rice balls. Sure, you can enjoy the cheesy delights in any part of Italy, but some of the best reviews point to Sicily if you want the best. Arancini food vendors found in the south of Italy sell unique dessert rice balls during special holidays.

2.Belgian Waffles

As the name suggests, you have to travel to Brussels, Belgium, to get a taste of this one. You won’t want any other waffle once you have had a Belgian waffle. Well, that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get the point. Unlike the waffles you will find in any other part of the world, Belgian waffles use lighter batter. They are also crispier and have deeper nooks. However, filling the cavities with assorted fruits and toppings does not really define Belgian waffles.  

Belgian waffles come in two different kinds: the Brussels waffle and the Liege waffle. The Brussels waffle is relatively common in the United States, dusted with powdered sugar. The Liege waffle cooks with a layer of sugar on the surface resulting in a sweet coat almost similar to candy apples.

Want the best waffles? Make Brussels your next destination. They are typical street food so you can enjoy the delicacy anywhere in the city.

3.Durian Cake

With the growing demand for the king of fruits, Durian cakes keep growing in popularity. If you enjoy the Durian fruit, eating durian cake is a must the next time you visit Singapore. Durians will work your taste buds with their combination of creamy and bittersweet flavors along with a strong aroma. One of the most remarkable ways you can satisfy your cravings for the fruit is by having a piece of durian cake.

Some of the premium Durian cakes you can find in Singapore include Mao Shan Wang and D24. The D24 is characterized by lightness, richness, and a smooth texture. If you have not tried a durian cake before, this will leave you craving for another piece. If you want a richer and creamier option, the Mao Shan Wang durian cake will deliver.

4.Lamb BBQ

Are you planning a trip to North Korea? North Korean street food has set the bar, and you will enjoy everything it has to offer. However, street-side BBQs have become a common sight throughout North Korea. In most cases, you will find lamb BBQ skewers as the go-to meat of choice. The best time to enjoy the lamb BBQ while touring North Korea is during holidays. On regular days, you can enjoy the delicacy in public parks and outside department stores. Lamb BBQ vendors are also scattered throughout the streets of North Korea, so finding one should not present any challenges. To enjoy the lamb BBQ, try dipping it into dried cumin and chili.

5.Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa

We cannot discuss street food delicacies without talking about India. The country has gained popularity due to its delicious and vibrant street food. Indian food never disappoints, and one way to prove this is by trying the famous Masala Dosa. Masala Dosa is a two-part dish. Dosa refers to an Indian pancake almost similar to crepes made from rice, black gram, and fermented batter. The stuffing makes the second part. Indian food vendors commonly use coriander, potato, and mustard seeds as stuffing. Have it served with red chutney and enjoy.

Masala Dosa originated in South India but has become quite popular across all parts of the country. However, the streets of Mumbai will offer the best.

Street food is the footprint of any culture. The best way to get a feel of the local life in any destination is by getting a taste of the local street food. While every country offers something extraordinary, some delicacies stand out. The next time you plan a trip to Italy or Belgium, try Arancini in Sicily and Belgian waffles in Brussels or Liege, respectively. Durian Cake in Singapore and lamb BBQ in North Korea also rank among the best street food dishes worldwide. India’s Masala Dosa is a delicacy like no other and a must-have once you set foot in Mumbai.

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