Horizon Pacific Tours

Probably my favorite tour that I have ever done, or indeed ever run has to be our Least Visited Countries Tour. The Least Visited Countries our takes us to some of the most amazing visited and least countries and Islands of the Pacific Islands.

Pacific tours, especially to a lot of these destinations are still extremely rare (we are the only company to offer tours to Nauru for example) and indeed the islands offer some of the most off the beaten track scenery in the world.

Being on deserted islands and boats offers some of the most amazing views of the horizon, so good in fact even the most ardent of flat earthers would be swayed.

With this in mind we offer up some of the best horizon views on our Pacific Tours.

Horizon Pacific Tours

Island hopping in Palau

The first country we visit on the least visited countries tour, Palau is brimming with WW2 history as well as even a Christmas market when we were there. When you head out island hopping from Koror we travel at least on one say to edge of the nation and out into the bight blue sea offering the perfect horizon Pacific our view.

Check out our blog on eating in Palau, as well as Pelialu.

Flying into Kiribati

Kiribati is my scened favorite country that we visit during the least visited countries tour. There are many reasons for this with the flight in just being one of them. I have honestly not seen a better horizon on tour, nor a more beautiful country than when flying into Tarawa.

Time travel in 2021

Flying between Samoa (on a private yet) and American Samoa sets you back 24 hours on the international date line. A truly trip experience. The views from Somoa and American Samoa are epic images, but when you travel onwards to Tonga! Well the view of the horizon from your prop plane kinda almost makes you think the world “might” be round.

Nauru sunset

nauru sunset

Nauru sunset is both the name of a cocktail and a really rather nice thing! Nauru is pretty much the most isolated island on earth and it is worth coming join the tour just for the Pacific horizon offered from the shore.


We love Tuvalu and not just for the horizons! Basically you can drive around Funafuti in like 20 minutes, there’s really not many places that you can do that in the capital. Another place where you can go deep into the ocean and look at a majestic horizon.

And those be our Horizon Pacific tour tips!

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