Cambodia eases quarantine requirements – Can you now visit?

Cambodia eases quarantine requirements for business travelers and tourists, but what does this mean in real terms? Can you now visit Cambodia on holiday?

To read about which countries are open to travel click here.

This is genuinely the longest I have been in one country since I was 15

Before going on and telling the actual rules and reporting the news, I shall begin with a rant. This is the longest I have been i one country since I was 15. That is 26 years and counting. I like Cambodia a lot, but that is a long time. 

Digression over…..

Cambodia eases quarantine requirements – What are the rules?

If you’re a VIP you don’t have to quarantine at all, if you are a businessperson you can quarantine for 3 days, but if you are  humble tourist then you still have to quarantine for a whopping 7 days. 

You can read a more detailed report on the requirements here

So, Cambodia isn’t open for tours then?

In reality Cambodia is not yet reopened to tourism, but it is at least easier and cheaper for people that wish to relocate to the Kingdom, which is no bad thing. 

Cambodia lifts travel ban
Cambodia lifts travel ban

Eyes will most likely firmly be on Thailand which recently announced it would open to fully vaccinated tourists from 10 countries on November 1st. If that goes well and infections keep dropping then we surely live in hope that Cambodia will go down the Thai and indeed “most of the world” route to vaccinated travelers.

When will Cambodia open to tourism?

Again no one quite knows, but YPT are certainly hopeful for August and our Dark Tourism Tour , which takes us to Anlong Veng among other ghostly sites. 

Sp glass is half full time, things are getting better and for now we really cannot ask much more.

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