National Short Day

When is National Short Day? Pencil in your calendars it is on December 22nd!

It seems to be a two pronged affair with national short girl appreciation day happening on December 21st and December the 22nd being National Short Day, regardless of gender.

What is the story about Short Day?

No one really knows, but again we will simply assume that it was invented by the card companies to sell cards.

It wasn’t all that long ago that all we had to remember was Fathers Day and Mothers Day. Sadly since then the bastards at the card companies have web inventing days in an ever quicker frenzy to remove us from our cash. At least though this one is for me, National Short Day.

How to celebrate Short Girl Appreciation Day (December 21st)

Well as they say the best things come in small packages (sorry).

How to celebrate this fine day?

This is obviously very much open to the individuals involved, but I can certainly say how I a 5 foot 4 man shall be celebrating this party for the vertically challenged.

  • Referring to my people as “oppressed” – By doing this I get to separate myself from anything related to the tyrannical patriarchal regime, and thus any thorny issues related to slavery.
  • Educating the masses about leading members from “my community” – From Napoleon to Ronnie Corbett short people have improved the planet in a good way.
  • Explains the difference between midgets, dwarves, short people and elves. For example the last one is in fact a mythical creature.
  • Getting drunk

And that is our early introduction to National Short day on December 22nd, with our top tips on how to celebrate what will undoubtedly be an epic event.

Feel free to share your own thoughts on how to celebrate National Short peoples Day in the comments section.

Oh and in case you ever wondered about the average height of Koreans click here

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