Yiwu Street Food

Yiwu might be most famous as a HUGE marketplace, but Yiwu Street food is also very much something to behold!

The main reason to visit Yiwu is for the International Trade City (the reason I was there). Before visiting, I asked a friend what they sold here, and he said everything, I shrugged it off, but no the Yiwu International Trade City sells EVERYTHING (even dildos). In fact, it probably deserves its own blog.

The city is basically 7 buildings of 7 floors, full of Africans, Arabs, Indians, Russians pretty much every flavour of human buying in bulk to export things home. This has had a massive impact on the food scene here, with mire Arab, African, and Indian cuisine than anywhere else in China. But, let’s talk about Street Food Yiwu!

Next to the Yiwu International Trade City is Yiwu night market, another legend of a place. Half of the market is food, half is traders selling individual goods rather than by bulk!

To the street food! The street food market in Yiwu is epic, truly epic. There’s all the normal BBQ (kou rou), but there’s stuff like a scorpion, and balut (fertilized duck egg)! And as Englishman, also chips. BBQ, balut, and chips! I was a happy Street Food Guy!

The market is also surrounded by fabulous Arab restaurants. I’d bitten off more street food than I could chew, but I enjoyed some kebabs, further chips, and of course shisha!

The evening was finished strolling the market, where I purchased shoes and looked at sexy lady outfits! Yiwu market is well worth a visit!!!

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