Arab Heritage

Arab Heritage, or culture is the combined culture of the people of the Arab world, which stretches from the Mediterranean throughout Northern Africa, and the middle-east.

The predominate religión of Islam is the fasting growing in the world, and Arab Heritage has left a huge mark on the civilisation of the world.

Heres my take on some of the best aspects of Arabic culture, from my trip to Sudan and beyond.

Tea is a huge deal in the Arab world, and is drank throughout the day as a way to socialise. Typically comes black, and laced with sugar. Most of the Arab world does not consume alcohol, although there is some Arab wine heritage.

Arabian robes allow for maximum circulation of air around the body, something essential when you are in a rather hot country. What women wear differs greatly from country to country, but most have at least a hijab.

Arab heritage is perfectly represented by the broad array of cuisine available in the region. Generally speaking pork is not consumed, and all meat needs to be halal. Savoury breads tend to be excellent, whilst dates are the most famous for those with a sweet tooth.

Tribe, kin, and clan are still very important in much of the Arab world as a sense of a belonging. Tribal leaders still hold a lot of sway in disputes.

Arabs in my experience tend to be some of the most welcoming to guests on the planet. In Susan certainly we were fed and watered very well by strangers!

That’s my short intro to Arab Heritage and Culture, something that one truly can’t do in one blog!

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