Street Food Guy t-shirts and more)

Many years ago I used to make my own T-shirt’s to sell at the bar, which was pretty cool. Tired of seeing the cool T-shirt’s of others I decided I’d again have a crack at my own fashion range! Particularly as I had a 5-week tour coming up.

Currently, they’re not for sale, although if I do eventually sell them it would be on this site, and at

Here’s me and the boys expertly modeling our shirts.

For SFG I’ve simply gone for our regular logo, which of course is me. Judging by the FB reaction it’s appoints choice.

Not greatly happy how this one turned out, but it’s the DDR so cool by default.

Me wearing a Let’s Buy An Island shirt.

Unified Korean flag, British communist flag, and good old CCCP.

Anarchy T-Shirt

Probably my favourite, anarcho-communist shirt.

There’s a few other ones I’ll update as and when, but I’ve been asked a lot about The Street Food Guy t-shirt! Should I start selling it?

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