5 Reasons to Visit Solomon Islands

Tickets are booked, visas are arranged, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go. For the 6th time, I will be visiting one of my favourites, and one of the least visited countries in the world, the Solomon Islands.

There’s a lot of reasons why I like the Solomon Islands (like more than 5), but here’s my top 5 reasons to visit the Solomon Islands, and Honiara in particular.

5) Honiara Market

This place is one mad little affair and the central hub of everything that happens in the city. It is so cool to see all the fresh fish, fruits looking like they did before we started adding pesticides, and even a shipwreck to top it all off!

4) Honiara Hotel

One of my favourite hotels on the planet, run by the eccentric Mr. Chang (OBE I think), who has met the Queeb. Prince William and Princess Kate have even stayed at this hotel. To say that this place is eclectic would be doing it quite the disservice.

3) Loads of World War 2 Stuff

Honiara is World War 2 stuff dream, there are bits of old guns and sunken Japanese boats galore. The Solomon Islands and Honiara, in particular, were major players during World War 2, and it is worth doing at least a few day trips here.

2) Pacific Dancing

If you’re really lucky (such as at the Honiara Hotel) try to check out a classic dance show, and Melanesian feast, a treat for the eyes and the stomach.

1) Street food

OK! So, this is the obvious one as I’m the street food guy, but seriously they know how to cook up some sausages chicken, and fresh fish on a Honiara highway.

If only capitalism would allow them to have a cold fridge with cold drinks in it. You can’t have everything eh.

That’s some top tips for Honiara, now let’s see what new gems 2020 throws at us.

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