Yellow Sun Hostel Kampot – Avoid in 2022

Yellow Sun Hostel Kampot comes highly recommended, which is nice, but it would appear that the internet tells a lot of lies these days!

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Basically Kampot has been through he wars, alcohol bans, crazy barang breaking shops and death from Covid-19. Not exactly great for the kind of town that Doc from Z-Nation might have invented.

The Kampot Hotel Choices

You can either stay in the town, which is where all the action is, or head to the river. Heading to the river offer river based jollies and a bit of getting back to nature vibe, or at least it used to.

The road to the river in Kampot is BAD

The TukTuk driver warned that the road was bad, but the masses had spoken and they wanted river action. The road was far worse than expected, far worse and not built for a PassApp.

The driver explain he didn’t really want the journey, but there was so little business he needed the money, I truly understood after a while.

Yellow Sun Hostel in Kampot

It is located in a village environment which would not usually be bad, but with the roads hard to get to. There are no tourists, again usually not a bad thing! Yet as I got to reception the 3 staff stayed inter hammocks clearly really not bothered about customers.

I was eventually grunted at and showed to a room overlooking the river. It was nice, but the staff had already disappeared. The restaurant and bar I quickly surmised would not be of the most welcoming of natures, so I got back in the Tuktuk and headed back to town.

One more place was stopped at,who had been closed for Covid-19 reasons, before the driver suggested an overpriced joint that would pay him a commission.

In the end something highly expected happened.

If in doubt head to Onederz Kampot

Its $15 a night, its walking distance from town, they have a great pool, and if you are really lucky your dreadlocked blonde white witch neighbor will ask you if you have food at 1 am.

Doc – Z-Nation – Kampot, far too many things in common right now. 

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