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How to play flight Chicken


I am a very frequent flyer, averaging I guess 2 flights per week. I’m aware this would make Greta very angry, but I digress…..

As a frequent flier I’ve developed a number of habits, procedures, and dare I say cheats. My main one is both a cheat, and a game. I call it flight chicken.

Now I’d like to add a caveat to this. It works 95 percent of the time, but when it doesn’t it really doesn’t.

First check into your flight as normal and ask for an aisle seat (no true frequent flier gets a window seat). If you’re refused an aisle seat it might mean the flight is full, in which case explain you have “stomach issues”. This will get you an aisle, or potentially an upgrade.

The aim of the game is then to board your flight last. This sounds easy, but it isn’t, there are some SERIOUS players out there. Yes this means pushing final boarding to the limit. Last week I had a taxi bus all to myself.

Clark Airport Bus
Clark Airport bus all to myself.

And what I guess you ask is the point to this game? By getting on last you select your own seats, and effectively upgrade yourself. Ive managed front seats of planes, as well as premium upgrades, and a few times the coveted first class. Most importantly though I’ve done many long haul flights with 3, or 4 chairs to myself.

emirates economy
Emirates Economy 4 seats to myself.

You don’t always win the game, and you can be asked to move by later passengers, or by crew. But the game is very real, and I’m freaking awesome it.

almost first class on emirates
Almost first class on Emirates

Don’t hate the player! Hate the game….

Written by Gareth

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