Worlds Best Street Foods!

At some point I’ll do a big blog about the top countries in the world to eat street food, but for now you get this!

Here’s a collection of my favourite street food pictures, which highlight some of the best places (in my mind) to chow down on street tucker!

Street Food in Bir Tawil

One of my most recent additions. Sudanese street food is of a very high standard. Sudanese bread itself is particularly good. In fact this pictures wasn’t taken in Sudan, but in Bir Tawil.

special brew hongkong
Special Brew in Hongkong

Ok this isn’t street food, but who doesn’t like Gareth Johnson wearing a come drinking super strength lager.

Cockles in Sheppey

The quintessential British street food, cockles on the isle of Sheppey.

I didn’t actually try this, but in Hue (home of the DMZ) they sell this sweet stuff. It looks amazing!

Not street food, but spaghetti from Jolibee is an institution.

Sea Urchin in North Korea

North Korean street food exists! Here’s sea urchin from Chongjin.

Mexican street food

Can’t remember what this was called, but it had strawberry, salt, lime, hot sauce and many other ingredients that shouldn’t go together!

I loved the street food in Honiara. The Solomon Islands in general is just a great place.

One of the most disgusting foods on the planet. I ate it 4 times (I’m tough).

Nauru doesn’t have street food, it does though have spam.


From the old Yugoslavia, probably the best soft drink in the world.

There is no need for this photo, I just want Gavin Johnson in Sheppey to rank on Google.

The great sausages and cuisine of Albania! eaten whilst we were remaking Castle Freak.

I’ll finish on a high, a chip butty in England!

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