Eating on the MV Hondius

Seeing that this is a street food blog, if I am not going to write about street food (there’s really isn’t much street food on a merchant’s vessel), then I should at least write about food!

So, here’s the thing on eating on the MV Hondius.

To start with, the Hondius is fully all-inclusive with breakfast and lunch being buffet service (but with lunch having a special each day), and dinner being picked from an existing menu.

Breakfast on Hondius

Breakfast tends to be a decent and very western orientated meal, with a mixture of eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, and omelets being supplemented with stuff like bread and jam, as well as gruel (porridge) for the Chinese contingent! 

Lunch on Hondius

Lunch is again done on a buffet basis, with the tools to “make your own sandwich” being available to everyone, soup for all, and one hot “dish of the day”, which has included spaghetti Bolognese, fried chicken, and pork belly. Buffet, but again very high quality for expedition travel. 

Dinner on Hondius

Dinner is plated and you select from a menu, with there being a choice of two starters. An example is smoked salmon, and a choice between 3 mains: a vegetarian one, a dish one, or meat. Veal and trout have been on the menu, and it is very fine dining! You also get soup and a choice of desserts. There is drink service, meaning a nice glass of wine with dinner is a thing. 

Drinking on Hondius

The bar on the MV Hondius is pretty cheap, being around $4 for a cocktail and less for a beer. The staff is really friendly, and it stays open until midnight (technically), although if you make friends with the bartender it will stay open later. You can also BYOB (bring your own booze) to the bar after midnight and drink all night if you fancy!

Overall view on eating on the MV Hondius

You do not take a cruise like this for food, and it is far from the gluttonous affair that you would get on a P&O or Carnival cruise, but the food was much better than I had expected.

The Street Food Guy endorses food on the MV Hondius!

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