Top 5 Souvenirs from Vietnam

When it comes to street food, Vietnam is, without doubt, my favourite place to travel, you can read about me traveling to Hue, Hanoi and Cao Bang by following the links if you fancy!

But of course there is much more to Vietnam than street dining, and for anyone that hasn’t been there, it really should be on your radar.

Should you indeed make the plunge and travel to Vietnam, here are our top tips for the best 5 souvenirs you can bring back from Viet FUCKING Nam!

5) Red Star T-shirt and or hat

You will see t-shirts sold everywhere with the red star of communism on them that will set you back around $7, great value, a great Vietnamese souvenir, and a cheap way to avoid doing any washing for another day. During the Trump/Kim summit, t-shirts were made to mark the occasion and these can still be found in Hanoi.

4) Coffee

Fun fact! Vietnam makes more coffee than any other country on earth and Vietnamese coffee is damned good. Lots of different varieties to suit all tastes, and indeed budgets, which makes Vietnamese coffee a cracking souvenir from Vietnam.

3) Ao Dai

Ao Dai is the traditional dress for Vietnamese women, and I’m not gonna lie it is damned sexy and a great gift for a girlfriend. You will see it sold almost everywhere, or it is even possible to get one tailored to yours or a loved one’s specifications.

2) Propaganda posters

Vietnamese communist propaganda is extremely unique in the communist world and is a bit like a fusion between Soviet and Maoist propaganda. There are shops that specifically sell art, as well as other communist nic-nacks.

1) Conical Hat

Nothing quite says you have been to a country than a comical hat, and when said comical hat is called a Conical hat it is even better. This classic hat has been worn in Vietnam for over 3000 years and is synonymous with the country. Available almost everywhere for a few bucks.

That’s the Street Food Guy’s top tips for souvenirs from Vietnam! Did I miss any out?

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