Street Food Kandal and the worst stadium in Cambodia

Getting to see football, Street Food Kandal and the worst stadium in Cambodia was grueling day long affair, but it was at least interesting to say the least.

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The job at hand was to watch National Police Commissary Football Club play Prey Veng Football Club at the 7NG “stadium”. I had previously unsuccessfully tried to find said place, but with a map location things were looking up, at least a bit.

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What’s the story with Kandal?

Street Food Kandal
Street Food Kandal

Kandal is a huge province that surrounds Phnom Penh. In fact it is basically Phnom Penh, with it just being a very short, but pleasant ferry ride to get there. Or at least to this part of Kandal. Where I was going was the sam area of Kandal as when you go to AEU Sports Park, another C-League stadium – actually another is not the word, AEU Sports Park is an actual stardom, it even sells food.

What’s the story with National Police Commissary FC?

Back in the good old communist days, not may I add the Democratic Kampuchea days things were organized on Soviet lines. A relic of this is that you still have the Army, Police and even Electricity board reprinted in the top-flight of Cambodian football.

The army, or rather Tiffy Army are a top club, Police FC not so much. Read whatever you want about what that says about the country.

What stadium do National Police FC play in?

Street Food Kandal
Street Food Kandal

They play in the 7NG stadium which is near the Zoo in Kandal. It is a very pleasant ferry ride and drive that takes about 90 minutes.

The stadium though is not really a stadium, but more a mud-bath with some chairs and kind of a stand. They even have porta-potties. Not exactly like biting the Smart Arena.

Police FC 2 Prey Veng FC 0

Police FC were originally from Sihanoukville, so one assumes their home is temporary, but the pitch was so bad that you hope they might get relegated. At this moment it is the worst football stadium in the country.

The pitch being so awful led to a torrid game that had 5+ yellow cards, a red for the home team, the manager getting booked and a “robbery” by the Police. This was bit like watching Sunday league football.

Street Food Kandal

Street Food Kandal
Street Food Kandal

Despite proximity to Phnom Penh, Kandal is still very much the countryside and this means lots of places with great views, traditional Khmer style guts and great street food.

Some of the places looked extremely high end and with the zoo here this particular part of Kandal would be great for a day out. The Kandal street food I went for was frog stuffed with pork, Cambodian balut, known as Pong Tia Koon )add Khmer) and Khmer fish cake.

Alas time did not allow us to be able to sit and enjoy the ambience as we rushed back for the boat. Thus the Kandal street food was consumed at home. Awful stadium, poor match, but great Kandal street food, the day was far from a disaster, nor perhaps a success. There are though certainly worse ways to spend a Sunday.

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