Real Roman Pizza in Phnom Penh – Romano’s Italian Pizza – Street 19

Looking for real Roman Pizza in Phnom Penh? Head to Romano’s Italian Pizza on Street 19. The pizza situation in Cambodia is not exactly what you would call great, there’s The Pizza Company, which Khmer flock to and a few franchises, but overall not a great scene.

There is though a new franchise soon to hit the scene called Pizza 4P’s, which is like a Japanese/Vietnamese hipster fusion thing that is apparently quite nice, but real pizza is not just Italian, but from Rome.

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Real Roman Pizza in Phnom Penh

I have been to Rome on a few occasions, but a long time ago and back when I was working on the cruise ships. I did though recently have a gig where I ended up writing about the street food of Rome, I won’t link to their blog, but rather my own take on Roman Street Food.

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Roman street food though is an enigma, as are the pizzas. There are pizzas, but pizza from Rome is its own category. Romano’s Italian Pizza is not some throw at the wall franchise, it is proper Italian/Roman pizza in Phnom Penh – and not only that but the have tiramisu! More on that later.

Real Roman Pizza in Phnom Penh – what do they have?

They have calzone, of course, but all of their pizza pies are traditional Roman style covering all the classics you’d expect, with Parma ham and the like, but even artichoke. This is a dish famous form the former Roman ghetto, it really does to get more roman than that. I was typically classless and went for the 4 cheeses pizza with bacon, no idea what the 4 cheeses were, but it was the best pizza I have yet to have in Phnom Penh.

The best tiramisu in Phnom Penh

Theres a fridge filled with drinks and tiramisu. Again maybe it was not up to truly Roman standards, but one of the best tiramisu I have had for many years. The best tiramisu in Phnom Penh, most probably – I think the photo of me literally licking the bowl says everything here.

This is a Roman place and Romans make the best tiramisu, that is the fact of the matter!

And the drinks at Romano’s Italian Pizza

Italian wines, beers, the whole nine yards, but they also do the very Italian soda with syrup. I did soda and grenadine, truly top-notch, so simple yet a real change from the norm.

And they even have a delicatessen!

Probably what sealed the deal for me was the dleicatesian selling hams, cheeses and the like. Most of around $4 a gram – I got pecorino cheese and Parma ham. I have yet to try either, despite a drunken rampage through my fridge, but it was nice to even see it there.

Overall though a great place,, very out of the way, not looking all that fancy, but real Italian pizza and not at all expensive. And it is near street 172 – what more could you ask for?

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