Pakistani Curry

Before the whole hoopla of coronavirus that has seriously screwed with the world Pakistan was being touted as the top travel destination for 2020. Obviously things have changed somewhat since then, but once travel does again resume, Pakistan will likely be agin top of many travelers lists.

Now whilst Pakistan might not get the same kudos as India, or even Bangladesh when it comes to food, Pakistani cuisine stands on its own two food as being amazing….

Yet, if we’re gonna talk about Pakistani cuisine, then we can’t ignore curry from Pakistan.

Top 5 Pakistan curry dishes.

Mutton Korma

Originally a Punjabi dish that has been refined in Pakistan. Mutton is one of the most popular meats in the Islamic world.

Big thick chunks of mutton in the mild and lightly spicy korma sauce truly cannot be beaten.

Saag aloo

Not traditionally a curry, but seven often as an appetizer or a side-dish. Saag literally means “beans” and “aloo” is potato. Thus a bean and potato dish lightly spiced that literally goes with every meal.


One of the best curries there is and can be had with numerous meats such as chicken, or beef, as well as my personal favorite shrimp biryani.

Steamed rice is layered into a cooking vessel, each time sifted over with the dry spices of cumin, nutmeg, cardamom, and of course turmeric. All of this toped with carrots, or buts and then layered with meat, or fish. You have not been to Pakistan unless you have biryani.

Chapli kebab

Not exactly a curry, but probably the best of Pakistani cuisine. Often made with buffalo meat, the mince is kneaded with spices and often a few ingredients, such as white onions and cilantro, cumin seeds and strong hint of black pepper. Not crazy spicy, but certainly has a kick.

Chapli is probably the best street food of Pakistan and you will see it sold throughout the country by street vendors. Eat your heart out Pakistani hamburger!

Brain Masala

Brain Masala

Yep you read that right “brain masala”. We’ve all heard of masala, but what exactly is brain masala? Is it as weird as it sounds? Lets get down to it!

Tomato sauce, cilantro, green onions, and red chili powder combined with the famous masala sauce, before you add scrambled brains. Yep brains that have been scrambled. If you don’t scramble the brains then it will burn. Aint nobody got time for burned brains. Brains are without doubt an acquired taste, I mean they literally taste like brains, but if you like masala sauce and gamey meat, then you will undoubtedly enjoy this.

And that is the lowdown on my favorite Pakistani curry dishes as well as a few street food favorites!

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