Habit Burger Phnom Penh – any good?

Is Habit Burger Phnom Penh any good? I had not heard of Habit Burger until they announced they were opening their second branch in Cambodia, which is exactly two more than McDonalds has.

Yes, there is no McDonalds in Cambodia, which you can read about here .

Recently though a few things changed and it is now possible to get McDonalds delivered to Cambodia – something I for one partook in. Ironically I was to first try Habit Burger on the day I also ate a double Big Mac. I can therefore compare them.

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What is the Habit Burger Story?

Habit Burger Phnom Penh
Habit Burger Phnom Penh

According to font of all knowledge Wikipedia the Habit Burger Grill was founded in 1969 in California. They specialize in charcoal burgers and were acquired by Yum Brands in March 2020. The same cats that own KFC, so you know they’re players.

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They have over 300 locations, most of which are in the USA, 8 are in China and 3, soon to be 4 in good old Kampuchea.

Habit Burger Phnom Penh – is it any good?

Habit Burger Phnom Penh
Habit Burger Phnom Penh

It’s a very standard burger restaurant menu, with nothing bar the burgers standing out. I went for one of the cheap smaller burgers, which we then took upstairs to eat. I was at the branch directly opposite the Chinese embassy. I do not have fond memories of the Chinese embassy.

We were there at 7.30 pm, they were to close at 8, so had decided not to put on any AC. We went back downstairs.

How are the burgers at Habit Phnom Penh? They are OK, but in reality nothing to go running for. I’d much rather go to Cousins for example.

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Habit Burger vs McDonalds which is better?

I had a three day old frozen double Big Mac before my Habit burger. It tasted better than Habit Burger. A solid place for drunken late night munches, but you would not make a beeline for here either.

Street Food Guy out…..

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