Top 5 North Korean Souvenirs

North Korea is one of the most amazing travel experiences in the world. FACT. Check out our tours here. Rant over. Several reasons make traveling to North Korea such a wonderful experience but one of the best elements is the cracking souvenirs that you can buy.

I’ve compiled my 5 top tips for the best gifts to take from the DPRK.

5) North Korean books

Most tours to North Korea will include a visit to the foreign languages bookshop, where you can buy English language books. What book you buy is down to your own preference, but with Pioneer Media in mind, I would suggest Kim Jong Il on the Art of Cinema.

4) Soju


I have written a whole blog on why you should drink Soju, but North Korean soju is generally considered by experts, such as me to be better than the mass-produced soju of South Korea. There a few interesting varieties to look out for, such as Ginseng infused soju, which is like rocket fuel?

3) A North Korean suit

Nothing says North Korea more than a tailor-made suit from the DPRK. Check out our video on how to get one made at the Yanggakdo Hotel, or if you are lucky enough to go to Rason you can simply buy one from the market.

2) North Korean Football kit

A North Korean football stip will set you back the wrong end of 50 Euro, but the bright red kit of the “Chollima” is great and will make you really fit in if you go to watch the World Cup Qualifier in Pyongyang .

1) Propaganda

There is no cooler souvenir than North Korean propaganda posters. Again what you purchase is down to you, but my particular favourite is the one with a Korean bayonetting an American. Wow!

Of course, a mere 5 is not enough, and there are many other cool things you can buy in North Korea, but these 5 are the Street Food Guy’s top tips!

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