Can you get McDonalds Delivered to Cambodia?

Can you get McDonalds delivered to Cambodia? According to an Instagram post by bodegakh McDonalds delivered right to your door is about to become a thing. How will it work? Where will it come from? And will it even be warm?

We had so many questions about this, because as we all know and indeed as I have previously covered there is no McDonalds in Cambodia.

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Who are bodegakh?

According to their Instragam page Bodega Fresh Fruits and Snacks are a company that imports premium gelato and Joe’s Popcorn as well as other goods from Japan, the USA and Thailand.

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So, what is the story about their IG post then?

McDonalds delivered to Cambodia

According to the IG post, which you can see on the screenshot they state the following.

“With an overwhelming request from our customers, we have decided to set up a McDonald’s delivery service to deliver it to Cambodia right at your door step! Drop your order now! Menu coming shortly #bodegakh

McDonalds Delivered to Cambodia
BodegaKH Instagram Post

McDonald’s Delivered to Cambodia – how are the masses reacting?

The comments section was predictably what you would expect from barang Cambodian netizens, such as, how long might it take, where would the Big Mac be coming from and of course distain from the McDonalds hater.

My particular favorite quote being;

“I don’t see what all the hype is about there are loads of good burger restaurants in Cambodia”.

Angry Netizen

Yes we get it there are good burger restaurants in Cambodia and yes you can get a Big Mac, BUT there is no McDonalds, no matter how hard The Vine tries to copy it.

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Bodega Fresh Fruits and Snacks talk to the Street Food Guy

Speaking exclusively to the Street Food Guy Duong Ley the owner of the company told us that deliveries would begin “by Monday, or perhaps even sooner”. With her further adding that the McDonalds would be delivered the next day from Thailand after being sealed in dry-ice.

McDonalds delivered to Cambodia
McDonalds delivered to Cambodia – Frozen

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And yes you read that right, next day frozen McDonalds delivered to your door, and yes any door with the owner further adding that deliveries would reach all of Cambodia – even Koh Rong.

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She further added that the freezing part was for health and safety reasons and that “room temperature” would not be an option. Essentially and as the graphic shows you just reheat it in the oven, or microwave.

McDonalds delivered to Cambodia – The taste test

Instead of a whole new article I have decided to update this one. So the order was placed on Monday and as promised arrived on Tuesday. I was busy on day of arrival, so froze the double Big Mac for an extra day.

Finally we thew it in the microwave and three of us shared our first McDonalds of the decade. Overall it was a great success, OK it had lost some of its zing, but overall it did the trick it was a McDonalds being eaten in Cambodia.

How to get McDonalds delivered in Cambodia
How to get McDonalds delivered in Cambodia

It also led to me to discover the best breakfast muffins in Cambodia, courtesy of Pong’s which you can read about here. And believe me they are better than a McMuffin!

Pong Muffin vs McMuffin
Pong Muffin Cambodia/McMuffin in Cambodia

Quite how popular frozen reheated McDonalds will be is anyone’s guess, but I for one took the plunge and tried it out. Can you get McDonalds in Cambodia? Apparently you now can.

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