How YOU can start a great food blog in 2022!

How to start a food blog in 2022? Well 2020 was a shit-storm and sadly 2021 was not all that much better. 2022 though does look promising and we can for the most part at least travel again. With that in mind why not start a food blog?

But, where there is new year, there is new hope! Many of YOU will have made new years resolutions, and some of YOU might even have said “start a blog”.

Here’s my advice specifically on starting a food blog, but hey, this advice can be sued to start any blog.

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How do you start a blog?

Everyone seems to be blogging now right? And making money right? We will get to the money part later, but starting a blog is one of those things that scares a lot of people. It really is not that hard to start a blog. I’ll even show you how.

Pick a subject for your blog!

This is THE most important element to starting a blog in 2022! Pick a subject YOU feel strongly about and are prepared to write about. Don;t pick something you are not interested in, NOT what you think others will be interested in.

If you don’t enjoy what you write about, people won’t enjoy reading it. It is that simple.

What kind of food blogs are there AKA find your niche

How to start a food blog in 2022? Again this advise can be transferred to other areas, but seeing as I am a food blogger, lets go down this route.

You can just do a “food” blog, but you will find yourself up against stiff oppisition. Try and find your niche and then look at others doing similar. I LOVE street food and very few people blog about it. Find your niche and let that guide you.

start a food blog
How to start a food blog

Can I only blog about my niche?

I don’t just blog about Street Food, I do deluxe hotels, travel, drinks and much more (such as this blog). You can go off on many tangents, this is just your main emphasis.

Can I do it on a free site like blogpost or WordPress?

You can, but if you are serious about it, then you really shouldn’t. It is that simple. These are places for amateurs to share their thoughts with a limited amount of people. You do not have the power to increase your SEO , or make a real name for yourself.

Pick a great domain!

I am a domain hoarder, I love buying domains, sadly most of which I do not use. But it does make me an expert. Which TLD should you use? I’m a .com/.net man, but if you need a detailed take on this check out this great article .

As for the name you pick, try and keep it interesting and snappy! DO NOT include numbers, or symbols. Keep it to letters and keep it memorable.

For domains and hosting we suggest Bluehost. Their domains are cheap and they are the industry standard when it comes to hosting. Follow this link .

Where should you host your food blog?

For my high end sites I use a dedicated server. These cost $20 a month and can be arranged through SithCo . If you are a newbie though there are cheaper options.

For excelent advice on the best hosting platforms for small businesses check here.

When I started I used the previously mentioned Bluehost. They have monthly packages with unlimited stuff for just a few dollars per month. You can browse their services via our affiliate link . Signing up via here helps us keep writing, BUT we recommend them BECAUSE we use them, not because we have an affiliate link.

Social media for your food blog!

A website is nothing without social media, and this is particularly true for food blogs. Facebook and Instagram are absolute musts. If you can put videos together then you should do YouTube. Twitter is also worth considering. TikTok is getting more and more popular, but you can pretty much forget the rest.

How often do I need to blog?????

There is no fixed rule to this. I personally find blogging very therapeutic, so I personally blog at least once per day. If you want to blog to a serious level I would say at least 5 times a week minimum. If you are starting a food blog, just think how many meals you have in a week. It really isn’t that hard!

Enjoy writing

If you do not enjoy what you are writing, people will not enjoy reading what you write. It really is that simple. You need passion when you blog. As for the writing style? Look everyone is different, so you need to find your own path here.

For some examples of my best food blogs click here .

When will my food blog start paying me money!

OK! Relax. Sadly with food blogs, or any other kind of blogs money does not just rain down on you. You need to build up your pre presence online and get a following. This will drive traffic to your site, which means Adsense, referrals and paid blog posts. This will not come unless you are passionate and create a good product. Everyone out there wants to get paid to blog, keep that firmly in mind!

How YOU can start a food blog in 2022

And that is how you can start a food blog in 2021! It really is not all that hard, nor is expensive at all. But how successful will you be? Only you know the answer to that!

Nothing that is any good every came to anyone easily, well aside from the Royal Family maybe.

Feel free to contact me if you need any advice on how to start a food blog, or better still to trade links when you start one.

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