The Gutter Gourmet is Back…

I’ve previously written about Andrew Mayer’s, the self confessed “gutter gourmet”, you can see what i think about his gentrification of poverty here, as well as a link to his original article.

Well, The Guardian seem to like him, or are bereft of decent stories, so he’s back with a largely rehashed version of the last stinking piece of turd, although this time with a bit more backstory.

To summarise the original “I’m the gutter gourmet” story, basically Andrew Meyer not only eats people’s leftovers from bins, he unironically wants this to “catch on”. Ignoring that there are many people in the world forced to live like this. With the point of my initial response being how sick it is to try and gentrify poverty.

On his latest piece he basically rehashes the original post, but with complaints about how it’s harder to get dumpster food in winter, and that some days food isn’t as good as others. OK, same boring shit so far. His reasoning is that he’s “making a stand” against food waste. Again, same shit different day.

Where he expands this time is by saying that his GP doesn’t agree with his diet, nor does his mum, We also learn that he has mental health issues! Do you think?

Why do I care so much about this? Why does it even matter to me? Because it belittles people in the third world, such as those of Smoky Mountain who have this as a daily reality, but without the ability to sleep safely in their middle class London abode after. I live in the third world, I bring money to these communities. Being a whiny Twat in Twickenham is not helloing anyone. You are simply an attention seeker.

Andrew Mayers you are not a revolutionary, you are not “living in the edge”, you are a hipster twat. A hipster twat living with his parents, writing for the Guardian, and desperately trying to differentiate yourself from the rest of the London elite that surround you.

Gentrifying poverty, and taking food from the mouths of actual homeless people isn’t edgy, it just makes you a cunt.

Perhaps you will pick up one of the horrible diseases that affect the poor of the Philippines when they are forced to eat from dumpsters, now wouldn’t that be a story?

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