What is the haircut price in Cambodia?

What is the haircut price in Cambodia? How much does a haircut cost in Cambodia? Is there a $10 haircut near me? Haircuts are a funny old thing you travel and much like the Big Mac index are quite indicative of the economy of a country. So how much will getting a haircut in Cambodia cost? We shall explore.

What is the price of a haircut in Cambodia? – Location location location

Cambodia has big cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap that has high class salons, while the boonies of the countryside have one man band barbers who are extremely cheap. Even in the cities choosing a salon, is obviously cheaper than getting it cut on the street. Yes the street food guy does street haircuts, as well as street shaves!

Price of a haircut in Phnom Penh for a man

This is also another factor, being a man, or woman. My haircuts are mostly shaving my head and partly cutting it, so I look like a Peaky Blinder. Women often need all fancy stuff done.

Generally speaking a good salon with soothing music, drinks and a little head massage will cost you no more than $10, again assuming you are not having colouring, or a perm.

My favorite place to get my haircut is with a street barber down by the riverside – he is also a tattooist, and yes I will be getting  street tattoo at some point. For part-shave, part-haircut he charges $2. Therefore the price range for a mans haircut in the capital is $2-10.

The price for getting shaved in the capital is $1-4, again depending on how many you need your shave.

Price of a haircut for a man in Siem Reap?

 There used to be a place next to my house in Siem Reap, again a street vendor who would do me a street haircut for $1/ and a shave for 75 cents. I miss that guy.

haircut price in Cambodia
Charlie+ Siem Reap

On a recent trip I was taken to a new place to get my haircut in Siem Reap. This place was fancy, it had magazine, such as the gay guide to Cambodia, gave a free shampoo, as well as a free glass of whisky, or even Baileys.

This was at Charlie+ barber shop Siem Reap. The total cost was $7, I therefore decree this the best value haircut in Siem Reap.

It was also great how I simply went in and said I want a “Peaky Blinders” and the guy knew exactly what I was talking about. I paid in riel, so with tip it came to about  35,000.

haircut price in Cambodia
haircut price in Cambodia

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What is the haircut price in Cambodia – in the countryside?

In Rattanakiri where I was to stay in perhaps the worst hotel in Cambodia I was to find a barber that shaved me for 50 cents, or 2000 riel – This was by far the cheapest shave in Cambodia I have found.

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To shave my head, or partly shave it and give me a light trim it would have cost 75 cents. Again the cheapest haircut I have found.

$10 haircut near me?

Therefore the whole of Cambodia qualifies for $10 haircut near me! With the spread being 75 cents to $10. The happy medium at least in my mind was Charlie+ Barber Shop – if nothing else for the camp banter, the reading material and the fact that a haircut came with a free drink.

Had I wanted a full shave they would have done so for $3, meaning $10 all in for haircut and shave.

I’m still fan of a street haircut and a street tattoo is very much on my to-do list, but spending extra really does make a difference sometimes.

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