9 Belize Drinks you have to try

What are the best drinks to try when you are in Belize? Belize is a wonderful strange country, stuck in Central America the British influence means that it has a very mixed Latino/Caribbean flat to it. This also means there are some great drinks to be had.

Belize Drinks
Beautiful Belize

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Belize drinks –  9 of the best

As with all of our national drinks posts we will not be ranking the drinks of Belize, but rather categorizing them!

Belize drinks –  9 of the best

Regular readers will know I have more than an unhealthy obsession with Fanta. This has evolved into #FantaQuest, where you go looking for the funkiest flavors of Fanta. In Belize not only do they have Fanta by the bottle, but they have bottled Fanta Tonic Water and Soda Water. This is the only country I have seen this and it is bloody good!

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Belize drinks – Best beers of Belize

Belize has just one domestic brewer: Belikin Beer, but the good news is that they make really good brews. They are also by far the cheapest, due to high import taxes.

Belize Drinks
Beer is Belize

The main lager that they make is Lighthouse Lager a 4.2% Pilsner – this is the most popular lager, but in Belize it is all about the stout

Best Stout in Belize .

Belikin make two stouts, Belikin Stout, which is more suited to the local palate and Guinness! But this is not the kind of GUinesss you get in Ireland, this is locally brewed and much stronger than the stuff you get in Europe, again much more akin to the popular bottled varieties found in Jamaica and Nigeria for example. 

Both are better than ABC Extra Stout

Fruit Juices of Belize 

Being located on the Caribbean sea you will not be surprised to know that Belize grows great fruit and thus offers amazing fruit juices. Fresh coconuts are abundant, but if you want to get really tropical try soursop, dragon fruit, guava, and sapodilla.

Belizean Rum

Where’s the rum? Belize is in the Caribbean ergo they create rum. When it comes to Belize drinks and Belizean drinking culture you have to talk rum! The most popular locally made rum is One Barrel, which is also exported. If you want to keep things cheap and easy then just for for Belizean Rum, both made by Traveller’s Liquor’s a local distillery. 

Belize Drinks
Belize Rum

Belize Drinks – More Rum

The other main rum distiller are Cuello’s who make a Caribbean coconut rum, which goes great in cocktails, or their Caribbean Extra String that is frankly like rocket fuel! Even if you mix with a lot of coke the flavor still runs through it. 

Belize Drinks – The cocktail scene 

Belize City has a ton of great bars, as do all the other tourist areas of the country. Most cocktails tend to be rum based, as is the fashion the region, with there being a Belize Sunset and Belizean Mama, both following the same lines as their names suggest. 

Belize Cocktail

Belizean Wine

Belize is not exactly France and they certainly put more focus on producing rum than wine, although there are a few very funky wines that are made. Belize makes number of fruit wines, such as blackberry and ginger, but the biggest “speciality” is  wine made from the Cashew Nut, not so sweet and very much an acquired taste.

Belize Drinks – Weirdest drink

Seaweed shakes! Locally produced seaweed is turned into a shake and then sweetened and served. Sound gross? It is not as bad as it sounds/looks and of course the locals say it is “good for the man”.

Belize Drinks Bonus Round 

For the bonus round we have the fact that Belize is also host to the micro-nation the Principality of Islandia, the first crowd-funded private island in the world! They are currently working other national cocktail, but we will be sure to add it to our list of best Belize drinks when they do. 

Belize Drinks
The Principality of Islandia

Want to own part of an island? Check the following link.

And that is the Belize drinks scene,Belize truly offers it all and is one of the best places to enjoy a sundowner in the world…..

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