Keep your house clean and surroundings germ-free – the most significant learning of the covid times!

The best way to prevent bacteria or germs from transmitting is by keeping your house clean. The pandemic has taught us the importance of a clean environment. It would help if you kept your home and surroundings clean no matter how busy you are—even personal hygiene matters. There is no alternative to it. Why not start with your home and opt for a cleaning spree so that by the end of the week, every nook and corner of your house shines brightly? The recent poll reports of MyBioSource reveal that in Minnesota, 28% of people follow covid norms.

  • Cleaning vs. disinfecting – what is the difference?

Many of us need to be aware of the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. When you sweep the floor, mop it, or dust the furniture pieces that amounts to cleaning. This helps to get rid of the germs for the time being. But when it comes to disinfecting, simply cleaning the house will not do. You must use a chemical to get rid of the germs. In most cases, we hire professionals to disinfect the house. They have the required tools and cleaning equipment to carry out the job. You don’t have to bother much. They will look after everything. It would help if you opted for disinfecting the house when you experience the following:

  • Someone is sick, or the immunity has been compromised (as in the case of covid)
  • When you use pre-used items that you have bought from a second-hand store
  • When you are washing your hand after returning home from work or from outside
  • Use the cleaning/disinfectant products safely

Did you know that numerous household cleaners already have disinfectants in them? For example: bleach, alcohol, isopropyl, and hydrogen peroxide – all have disinfecting agents in them. If you use any of these items to clean your house, you don’t need to use any other disinfectant separately. However, when using these items, you need to be careful. Keep the following factors in mind:

  • Read the instructions carefully before using the cleaning agent.
  • Make sure that the windows are open when disinfecting the home. Cross ventilation is essential; otherwise, the toxic fumes can choke you. It would help if you were very careful.
  • Only use the recommended quantity while cleaning the house.
  • When diluting the disinfectant, always use water with an average temperature.
  • Make sure to label all the bottles properly.
  • It would help if you stored the bottles away from the reach of children and your pets.
  • Never mix two different disinfectants. The consequence can be dangerous.
  • How to clean the different items/objects in your home?

Every household has multiple items and objects. It can range from your electronic devices, remote controls, your kid’s toys, car keys, house keys, your laptop, headphones, and so on. It would help if you cleaned them correctly and at regular intervals. Frequent cleaning will also keep the items in good shape and enhance their longevity.

  • Electronics – whether the HDTV at home or your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or gaming devices – all have a touchscreen. You must keep all these items clean so you don’t have to worry about germs and bacteria. Can you imagine the number of germs you transmit every time you use any of these electronic devices?
  •  Toys/Car Seat/Crib – toys will be loitered around the house when you have grown-up kids at home. Kids’ immune system is still developing, and you need to be very careful about their health and wellbeing. Pay attention to all the items that your kids are using. Make sure to clean all of them daily. However, please do not use a potent cleaning agent because kids frequently use their fingers in their mouths. You don’t want the poison of the disinfectant to enter your child’s mouth. And this applies when it comes to cleaning the crib and car seat as well.
  • Carpets/wall hangings – these two are full of germs and bacteria. Regular vacuuming is not enough. You should hire professionals to clean both these items. If you don’t clean these items correctly, they will soon start to smell.

Keep it clean

The list can go on and on. But don’t feel astounded. The idea is to keep your home clean and germ-free. Covid has shown us how fast germs can spread and become dangerous to our health and wellbeing if we don’t take proper measures at the right time. In the post-pandemic era, you must ensure that you don’t fall into the same pit repeatedly. The only way to prevent your family from falling sick is by keeping the house clean and the surroundings germ-free.

If you cannot keep your house clean on your own, you should hire professionals for the job. There are so many cleaning companies. Go ahead and hire any one of them to get the needful done.

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