Foods Worth Buying A Plane Ticket Just to Eat

I like travel and I like food, hence having a travel blog called “The Street Food Guy”. During my travels I have been lucky enough to try some amazing food, some mediocre food, and indeed some god awful food, but is there food that is worth buying a plane ticket for? There most certainly is…

I present the top Street Foods worth buying a plane ticket just to eat!

Hong Kong Street Food

Theres street food and three Hong Kong street food. Hong Kong is the only country to have Michelin starred street food. Boiled BBQ of the mala tang variety served with wicked curry sauce. You cannot go wrong in Hong Kong


Macao Street Food

One particular dish! Fish balls with melted mozzarella inside. This is the ultimate in fusion cuisine and my favorite Macanese street eats. Check out my favorite Macau street foods here.

macau street food

Hanoi Street Food

I have said it many times, but Vietnam is street food heaven! There are so many dishes, such as lok lak, Bun Rieu and Goi Cunon Thom Tit that make Vietnames street food worth buying the ticket just to eat.

bun rie vietnames crab noodles soup

Dandong Street Food

Dandong borders North Korea and this give sit one of the most eclectic streets food scenes in the world. Korean style, dongbei food, cold noodles and fabulous BBQ. Close enough that you can even explore the North Korean scene on a day trip.

Khmer Street Food

Cambodian street food  is one of the most underrated in the world, but with the subtle influences of Vietnam, China and Thailand you really cannot go wrong. My particular favorites would be Khmer Oysters and Cambodian Lok Lak.

And that is the Street Food Guys selection of street foods that are worth byingthe ticket just to eat!

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