Street Food Eneko Island

Is there a street food Eneko Island scene? Eneko Island is not an island, but rather an atoll that is part of Majuro – not heard of Majuro? Well it is the capital island of the Marshall Islands – not heard of he Marshall Islands?

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The Marshall Islands are a pseudo-US colony that were previously one of the ten least listed countries in he world, although quite how the 2020 list looks is anyones guess.

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It not being well visited is simply because it is in the arse end of the Pacific, because in actual fact it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Street Food Majuro and the Robert Reimers Hotel

The American influence is very much apparent in the choices of street food, basically you get bad American burgers and hot dogs, although they are still good after a night out. Chinese food is also a big deal here, much like Nauru.

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Anyway I used to like the Robert Reimers Hotel, then they took money from the card of one of my customers so now I stay at the Marshall Islands Resort (MIR) – The President was even there on my last visit.

Anyhow to get to Eneko island is via boat trip via the Robert Reimers Hotel!

Was Eneko Island a micro nation?

There have been a few “countries” to have claimed bits of the Marshall Islands, one was the Dominion of Melchizedek, the other apparently aimed Eneko Island.

It is very much part of the Marshall Islands and much like Bir Tawil cannot simply be claimed!

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Touring Eneko Island

Eneko Island is pretty much the highlight of a trip to Majuro and dare I say the Marshall Islands, it is certainly down better than Bikini Atoll, which ironically has an “office” in Majuro.

It takes about 30 minutes, or so to get here crossing some other beautiful islands and atoms on the way. Less fun when  theres a tropical downpour, but certainly a pace I have taken some great photos from.

What is there to do on Eneko Island?

Well it is a good old fashioned tropical island! Theres beaches, hammocks, volleyball courts and did I mention swimming. If one is so inclined there is some great scuba action to be had.

Street Food Eneko Island?

Theres wood and theres a BBQ, or two, theres also covered areas for when it rains. Rain tends t be quick, but the i rains my word does it rain. If you’ve been smart you’ve stocked up on provisions from the Chinese supermarket and by jove you are all set.

There are also lot off weird and wonderful fruits to pick and eat, ones whose names I do not even know. Oh and coconuts I know what they are. You put the rum in the coconut as the song goes.

Cocktails and BBQ on Eneko Island is fairly much as close to paradise as it gets, save for doing the same on Tuvalu perhaps……

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