Top Seven Countries You Can Travel for a Holiday Now

What are the top seven countries you can travel for a holiday now? Coronavirus has obviously ripped apart travel as we previously knew it, but as vaccination rates improve across the world, and talks of a vaccine passport continue, slowly more countries are beginning to open-up to tourism.

So, which countries can you travel for a holiday now? Obviously there is no catch-all answer to this, as your country of origin also affects where you can travel for a holiday now, but we have put together a list of 10 counties that are either open fully, or at least to vaccinated people where you can not only currently travel, but perhaps even enjoy some great street food!

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Albania is one of the lesser traveled parts of Europe and certainly one of its most underestimated. A rich history, great food and offering everything from beaches to old nuclear bunkers. Albania went all out and vaccinated their tourist industry staff earlier in the year, so guided tours are not only easy to arrange, but incredibly safe.

Countries You Can Travel for a Holiday Now
Countries You Can Travel for a Holiday Now

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Egypt have thrown out all quarantine measures and merely insist on a negative PCR within 14 days to visit the country. Egypt needed scares introduction for the international traveler, obviously they have the rather well known pyramids and the like, but there is much more to the country than just that.

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Sudan is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world, and has more pyramids than the aforementioned Egypt, without the hordes of people. There is also more to the country than just pyramids, with great food, camping and of course it is the gateway to Bir Tawil.

Countries You Can Travel for a Holiday Now

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Although the country has not yet fully opened, they have removed the nee for quarantine and merely require a negative PCR. We can now offer tours to both Iraq proper and Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as provide visa support.

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South Sudan

After a bitter war for independence things have hardly gone to plan for the worlds newest country, but things are not only slowly improving, but a travel to the country is becoming much more popular.

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OK – so Thailand have become the latest country to announce that vaccinated folk can now trail there. All you need is proof of vaccine to fly into Phuket and to stay there for 7 days. It is worth adding that the country has very low rates of vaccination and are currently going through their third wave.

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I do like a divided country, or a city! Well in Cyprus you get both. They are now allowing vaccinated, or negative PCR people into the country. You just need to fill out the app and you are all good to fly.

For Northern Cyprus they need a negative PCR then within 72 hours in order to cross the border.

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