Best banh mi in Siem Reap

Best Banh Mi in Siem Reap? OK, so not exactly banh mi, but actually num pang. Regardless of the wording of things, I think I found the best South-East Asian sandwich in Siem Reap.

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How to find the Best banh mi Siem Reap?

You can actually buy num pang/banh mi Siem Reap, particularly by the riverside, which I have previously written about. But one thing that differentiates num pang for banh mi is that in Cambodia it really does depend a lot on what the server what to put in it, rather than fixed menus.

This particular place is located exactly opposite “Star Bar”, another place definitely worth adding to your Siem Reap social schedule, particularly on Fridays when the karaoke gets fired up.

It is a typical Khmer style street food place in that it doesn’t even have a name, but if you do find yourself at Star Bar it is opposite and directly next to Sovann Angkor Travel and Tour. You literally cannot miss the place as no matter what the time of day it is usually full of Khmer people picking stuff up.

What do they serve here?

best banh mi siem reap

This is proper fusion cuisine and the main thing they sell is skewers of pork, which cost the princely sum of 1000 rial, or 25 cents. We once saw a guy picking up 60 skewers!!!! That is a lot of people getting fed for $15.

best banh mi siem reap

They also sell bread for a further 25 cents, which comes filled with a papaya type salad. Voila, 3 skewers of pork loaded into a baguette filled with papaya salad.

This is some really inventive fusion Khmer cuisine, with the feel of a Chinese style BBQ joint, but then the French influence jumping in with a massive baguette. Great as a dinner, drunk food, or a really filling snack.

Then finish your night at Star Bar Siem Reap….

Best num pang in Siem Reap? Yes, I think so….

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