Beer consumption by country – 10 best beer drinkers and some curveballs

Beer consumption by country, who are the ten best beer drinkers in the world? And no I am not on the list. Fun fact I am not even that into beer. In this list we will look at the top beer consumption both per capita, by volume, as well as throw in some curveballs.

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Beer consumption by country

So, this is the beer  consumption by volume and per capita, the 10 best beer drinking nations in the world! But before we get there, we will look at sheer volume.

Which country drinks the most beer in the world by total consumed?

China by far drink the most beer of any country in the world racking in  massive 43,000 (million) liters per year, almost twice as much as second placed USA.

best selling drinks in the world
best selling drinks in the world

This is though strictly down to size. Per capita they come a mere 45th (the US ranks 22nd).

This explains why Snow Beer is the best selling in the world.

Beer consumption by country – from lowest to highest

10th biggest beer drinking nation – Latvia

Also made it to the top 10 alcohol drinking nations on the planet, so obviously dominated by beer. Latvian beer is OK, but not amazing.

9th biggest beer drinking nation – Croatia

A surprise on the list, because they also love rakia, but unlike their Serbian cousins prefer lager. Croatian beer is generally pretty good too.

8th biggest beer drinking nation – Spain

Wine, brandy and all that other stuff, but no the Spanish are more uno beer than you would think. Quite a surprise really, they also do not make it into top ten drinking countries for alcohol. Believe it  or not Spain are beer drinkers.

Beer consumption by country

7th biggest beer drinking nation – Ireland

Ireland drink the 7th most alcohol in the world AND the 7th most beer. You would assume this is dominated somewhat by Guinness, again despite fine Whisky beer dominates Irish drinking habits.

6th biggest beer drinking nation – Namibia

The former German colony of Namibia comes in at 6th biggest beer drinking nation on earth. A big surprise, the only non-European on the list and further shocking the fact that Nigeria rank 6th by booze consumed. Namibia only rank 44th, this makes them a proper beer swigging nation.

5th biggest beer drinking nation – Poland

Another surprise as arguably the inventor of Vodka/Wodka! Overall your average pole simply proffers beer.

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4th biggest beer drinking nation – Germany

No real shocks here from the cats who bring us Lederhosen and the Octoberfest! Rank 5th for overall global alcohol consumption, so a bit shocking they do not have more beer bellies.

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3rd biggest beer drinking nation – Romania

This one did shock me, but hey Bucharest is some party town to be sure. Another one we intently enjoy on the Eurasian Tour. I previously lived nest door in Transnistria with them and Moldova ranking 8th on biggest boozers in the world.

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2nd biggest beer drinking nation – Austria

Austria outshine their German brethren on beer drinking. As per the picture I once had a great nights beer drinking at a beer garden in Austria, for an expensive country that have kept booze to a cheap level. Runners-up is nothing to be ashamed of.

Who drink the most beer in the world? The Czech Republic

There are runners the Velvet revolution and the divorce with Slovakia only occurred so Czechia could win the beer drinking league! OK maybe not, but they literally call beer liquid bread and everyone has pints at lunch time, even teachers.

Also rank third on top drinkers in general, so you can see most of that is beer. Well done Czech Republic on drinking more beer per capita than anyone else.

Beer consumption by country – honorable mentions

There are a number of notable absences from the list, including whole continents. We  know Namibia drink the most beer in Africa, but what about every other continent?

Which country drinks the most beer in Asia? Cambodia drink the most beer in Asia!

I am proud to say my host country of Cambodia drink the most beer in Asia! They only rank 30th in the world, but top of your region is still good. Unlike their neighbors they are not so into rice wine, it is all about the beer.

angkor beer -Beer consumption by country
Beer consumption by country

You can read about Cambodia beer here.

Who drink the most beer in the Americas? Panama

Panama come 15th in the world and way above other countries in the region. I have been to Panama. I didn’t like it. That is all. America are second at 20th. The USA though are second in the world by total volume.

Who drinks the most beer in Australasia?

OK so it can either be Australia, or New Zealand. It is Australia at 17th, although New Zealand drink more total booze (34-35th respectively). Must be that good wine.

Biggest beer drinkers in the Pacific Islands? Papua New Guinea

Maybe a surprise but they sneak in at 55th. I have drunk beer here and in Kiribati, who are the last drinking non-Muslim country on earth.

Which countries drink the most in the world
Me serving beer in Kiribati

Biggest beer drinking Muslim country on earth? Turkey

No huge surprise here really as they are technically secular. Come in a 51st. Although their national drink is dhalle.

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And that is the latest list from the Street Food Guy! More to come? I think so! Sadly North Korea was not on the list, but you can read about the drinking culture in North Korea here.

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