The Lucozade Story

Lucozade is one of my favourite drinks, i’m not really sure why, it’s just fruity soda, but I remember John Barnes kicking a can of it into a bin during an add campaign, and my dad asking me if I was sick egery time drank it.

So, what is the Lucozade Story?

Invented in 1927 as Glucozade as one of those fancy medicinal drinks, like coke, it was purchased by pharmaceutical company Beechums in 1937. They then pretended it was good for you if you were sick until 1978, when they realised they should hit the healthy market too. For the next 20 years they pretended it was good for you, before admitting it was in fact just a sugary soda.

Can you mix lucozade with alcohol?

Lucozade and vodka is great, or it works as a great soju chaser.

And there’s a Lucozade cola?

Yes! And in the coma wars Lucozade fairs pretty well!

Why is Lucozade so big in Hong Kong?

Well Hong Kong was a british colony, and Lucozade now literally dominates 7-11, the big kahuna in conviejce stores of the city state.

And that’s lucozade, i’m off to get one now. Quarantine in Hong Kong is fun!

Eating in Hong Kong 7-11 (everyday)

Lucozade Cola