Visakha FC win 2021 Hun Sen Cup

After a year of following football in Cambodia the season is finally over and in great style! My adopted local club Viskaha FC are the 2021 Hun Sen Cup winners, and oh how exciting it was!

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2021 C-League, the good, the bad, and the very ugly

It had looked for a long time like Visakha would win the league, but alas in their penultimate game against eventual champions Phnom Penh Crown (link to KN) they pretty much screwed the pooch. 

The season for myself though was pretty fun, I got to see some great teams and stadiums, and some not so great ones. If I never have to see National Police at the 7NG “stadium” I will be very happy.

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Overall the quality of football was pretty good though and aside from Visakha I also fell in lovee a bit with EDC FC and by did I collect a lot of football shirts.

The 2021 Hun Sen Cup

The cup more than the league was an adventure for me, with meeting to visit Kep, and Koh Kong, two places I had not been before, all for football.

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It also gave me the chance to go back to Siem Reap a few times, although whether that was a good, or a bad thing I am not quite sure yet.

The semi-final between Svay Rieng and Phnom Penh Crown  was probably the best match I had seen all season, at least until the final. In the end we were treated to a great back and forth match, with it finishing 2-2 after extra-time and Visakha seeing off Svay Rieng on penalties.

Was there Street Food?

There was plenty of street food at the 2021 Hun Sen Cup final, as well as drinks being readily sold. It was so nice to see a packed stadium and it was even better benign the hart of the Visakha Blue Warriors to watch the match. There was singing, there were drums and there was even people crying when we won the cup.

Overall not a bad way to spend a Thursday. 

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