World Baijiu Day – August 9th

As night follows day it is not long before you arrive in China that you are introduced to Bai jiu! If you are not aware of what bai jiu is, strap in and get ready for the ride. Happy baijiu day.

What is baijiu?

Bai Jiu, or baijiu literally translated to “white wine”, well it is white, but a wine it is not. In actual fact it is a super strength rice liquor and after money the closest thing they have in China to a religion. It is a huge deal in China with the cheaper side of the market costing less than water and at the higher end tens of thousands of dollars.

I have tried baijiu on all levels of the spectrum and I have to say it is the worst drink I have ever had. Despite notoriously liking a drink, I would rather be sober than on baijiu!

Is it popular?

Baijiu is the top selling kind of liquor in the world, although soju is the top selling brand of liquor in the world.

Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries in the region also have their own take on the drink.

What is World Baijiu Day?

Well like any “special day” like this it tends to be a cheap gimmicky marketing ploy, so yeah that is pretty much what it is. On August 9th 2020 though (tomorrow) it will be the 5th annual work Bai jiu day.

How to celebrate world baijiu day?

Apparently there’s a ton of events in Beijing, which you can read about in the Beijinger and one would assume that other cities are trying to cash in on the fad too.

Although if you want o be really authentic buy one of the cheap green bottles drink it from the bottle in a park and go start a fight.

And that’s the story of Jesus!

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