Pops on Route 66

What’s the name of the place on Route 66 which has all the different sodas? It is Pops on Route 66!

Route 66

Many years ago I was lucky enough to spend a month living in New York. That was really fun. We then went on an adventure down Route 66, from Chicago all the way to California, although I personally had to leave in Vegas and head to Venezuela, but that is a whole other story.

There were so many cool places that we stopped on the way, but one of the stand out ones for me was Pop’s!

The biggest soda bottle in the world?

Pops on Route 66

Pop’s is located around Oklahoma City, 5 miles east of Edmond and on Route 66 (duh). You are greeted by a 66foot soda bottle. It originally opened in 2007 as a convenience store, but quickly bloomed into the legend that it is today, complete with a restaurant, souvenir shop and a shit ton of soda!!!!!

There are many legends as to where the name comes from, but it is called Pop’s because that is what the owner used to call his father. You have to say that is fairly cute!

Pops on Route 66 Soda Flavors

Pops on Route 66

OK, so we know sodas are full of sugar, really bad for you and addictive, but they are also really really good. If they weren’t we wouldn’t drink them. Is obesity the fault of sodas? Probably, but lets ignore that for now.

Pops on Route 66

Pop’s serves over 700 different types of sodas, or soft-drinks from around the world, and my god they literally had everything I had ever heard of and so many that I had not.

To this day I do not remember what I purchased, I just remember I spent a lot and nearly ended up in a sugar coma.

Its hard to accidentally end up on Route 66, but if you do find yourself there, stop off for a soda I reckon!

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