A Guide to Varna International Airport

Varna International Airport

All things must come to an end, so let me end my trip to Varna with a review of its airport! A pleasant place I have now visited 3 times!

Can you transit Varna International Airport

Technically yes, but Varna is an arrival point, not a departure point.

What are the facilities like at Varna International Airport?

Nothing to massively write about, but duty-free shop at Varna is pretty good, even if you are traveling to the EU, a carton will only cost 30 Euro. There is also a Victoria’s Secret at Varna International Airport where 3 pairs of ladies undercrackers will set you back 29 Euro. 

What are the restaurants like at Varna Airport?

There is a McDonalds at Varna International Airport. What else do you need? Few other places, and overall a decent selection.

Is there free internet at Varna International Airport?

I didn’t check properly, but there seemed to be Wi-Fi working if you register with your phone. 

Are there power-points at Varna International Airport?

 There’s a few outside power-points in the lounge but not a great charging phone airport.

Can you smoke at Varna International Airport?

You can smoke up a storm at Varna International Airport, there is an outside restaurant that will let you smoke, and if you have Lounge access, there is a full outside area dedicated to your smoking needs. Varna airport is smoking friendly. 

The lounge at Varna International Airport? 

You could smoke in the lounge in Varna, and they had free drinks, but never any food when I have been there, which is an obvious negative.

Overall Review of Varna International Airport?

Pleasant enough and really close to town, although you wouldn’t want to spend too much time here. A good steady 3.5/5 from the Street Food Guy.

We award Varna Airport 4/5 Travel Stars.

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