The Ultimate Nauru Guide

Nauru might be the least visited country in the world, but that’s no reason not to go here, in fact, its lack of tourist infrastructure should be something that inspires you to visit.

Young Pioneer Tours not only run bi-annual tours to Nauru but can also arrange independent travel to the country.

So, if you do end of visiting Nauru, here are our top tips to the place.

How do you get Nauru?

The only airline that goes to Nauru is Nauru airlines! There’s a few flights a week on their island hopper service, as well as one from Brisbane.

How many hotels are there in Nauru?

Believe it or not, there’s 4, the hotel Menen, Od’n Aiwo Hotel, the Hotel Budapest, and some serviced apartments. Do not stay at the Hotel Budapest. Our personal tip is Menen.

How many bars are there in Nauru?

There are 4 bars in Nauru, the Menen, and Od’n hotel bar, Bayview, and Jules. We sometimes do a pub crawl!

What’s the food like in Nauru?

I’ve written extensively about this which you can read here, and here, but essentially you better like Chinese food!

What is there to do in Nauru?

A lot more than you’d think! Now we’re not going to share all of our trade secrets here, but there’s WW2 stuff, urban exploration, boating, caves and of course swimming in Anabare Bay.

Are there beaches in Nauru?

No there are not! A common misconception is you can spend your time in Nauru hanging on the beach. There’s kind of beaches, but swimming is not at all possible due to the rocks.

What are the people of Nauru like?

Sadly you don’t meet all that many, with most of the jobs being done by imported labour, the ones that you do meet are friendly enough though. I now have some decent Nauruan friends.

Is there WiFi in Nauru?

There is no WiFi in Nauru, the data network is decent though, so it’s best to pick up a SIM card when you arrive at Nauru International Airport. There are two mobile phone operators in Nauru, but the best is Digicell Nauru.

Is there fishing in Nauru?

Aside from country collectors like us, the other tourists in Nauru are fishing. You can rent a fishing boat and head out to the open sea if that’s your thing. Nauru tuna is the best in the world

But I have so many more questions!!!!

Of course, you do champ, and the Street Food Guy is also the Nauru expert, feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about how to visit Nauru, or what to do in Nauru.

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