Sudanese delicacies at the Gaddafi egg

To say our trip to Bir Tawil was interesting would not be giving it the full respect it deserved! But whilst it was fun, a week of driving, eating Sudanese street food, and craping in the desert meant we needed a treat on our last night.

The Corinthea Hotel in Khartoum is not only the best hotel and restaurant in town, but also has quite the history.

Libya used to be a big friend to Sudan under Mr Gaddafi, and in 2008 he spent 80 million Euro on the 18 floor, 230 room mega structure. It was designed to look like a sail, but actually looks like an egg. Hence Gaddafi’s Egg.

The Corinthea Hotel in Khartoum has a bar without alcohol (it might have some one day), and a buffet dinner that costs around $30 bucks a person.

We were told it was the top restaurant in town, and we’re not to be disappointed. Here’s some of the top dishes we tried here.

I’m a huge fan of baclava, but Egyptian baclava in my humble opinion is the best. It tasted fabulous, with a perfect mix of crunchy to sweet, and when combined with the chocolate fountain. was out of this world. Definately try the Baclava if you end up here.

Visiting the Corinthia on our last night truly was a treat, and we were grateful to our local partners.

Jebbney Muddaffa

Jebbney Muddaffa is Sudanese breaded cheese. It’s very salty, and unlike most cheeses I have tried! But it was pretty good, and went well with the salad course.

Sudanese Tahini

What is tahini? It’s a condiment from sesame that you can eat on its own, or goes great with bread. It’s a bit like hummus. Sudanese tahina is supposedly particularly good.

Goat Stew

I thought I’d had enough goat stew to last me a lifetime, but 5 star goat stew is pretty good (even if I had been eating it all week).

Roland Orchand getting with the chocolate fountain!

Every night has a different theme at the Gaddafi egg! And that’s our take on the place! An excellent change from goat, beans and Sudanese bread!


As of July 2020 Sudan now allow alcoholic drinks for non-Muslims! We hope that in future the empty bar at the Gaddafi Egg will be able to serve the good stuff!

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