Street Food Antarctica – Cruising in 2022

Street food Antarctica? OK, so this is perhaps falling a bit under the clickbait category, one should rather ask what do you eat in Antarctica. I will delve into both, but this article is more so I can reminisce about when I went to Antarctica as well as plug some tours.

What do you eat in Antarctica?

Street Food Antarctica

When you visit Antarctica you do it as part of a cruise. Therefore it depends massively on the ship, some are full on fine-dining whilst others are more simple affairs.

We used an old Russian ice-breakers on my ship with most meals being buffet style, or from a set menu. Essentially the food is really good, particularly on the MV Hondius.

You can read about the food on the MV Hondius here .

What do people that live in Antarctica eat?

People that stay at the bases, such as the British Post Office survive on canned and packaged goods. I was kind enough to donate bottle of rum for them, which I am sure went down well.

In places like McMurdo Base they have on chefs cooking meals for the crew and staff at the base.

Can you eat penguin?

Yes you can, people do and no not all of them are endangered. I have personally never eaten it, but have a friend who did. What does penguin taste like? According to my friend a fishy type meat and a bit bony. It turns out not everything tastes like chicken.

Street Food Antarctica

There is no street food Antarctica scene, but you can camp out there, which we ave done and even do your own BBQ, this kind of qualifies as street food Antarctica.

A cocktail made from an ice-berg

The crew chopped off a huge piece of ice from an ice-berg, brought it to the bar and we make cocktails with it. This was the purest water I have ever tasted and it was thousands of years old. A real head mess, but great tasting too.

We certainly out together a few cocktails with it.

Want to see Antarctica in 2022 – check the following link .

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