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What’s cooking Foodies? Ready to tal kabout Sploshing?

Are you a food lover? Cool! What is your comfort food? I love bananas with crunchy peanut butter and cinnamon.  Did you know that MF DOOM – MM…FOOD is one of my favourite Hip-Hop albums of all time and CHEW by John Layman is one of my favourite graphic novels of all time. Furthermore, Halle Berry, oh! She is the apple of my eye! Come on, Halle. You and I are two peas in a pod, right?? Now, I don’t mean that literally, of course. Just take it with a grain of salt. Before we get started, here’s one of my favourite lines by Podopheleus 😜

Yo! Yo! Feed me beats (beets)

like I’m Tony Chu

Killed that shit! As if I was born and bred in Buckaroo

Geez! I really do love food, huh?

Anyhoo! Have you ever heard of sploshing? Yes/No? I hope this blog gives you some food for thought 🤔💭🌮🍟🍱 🍜

Now let’s dive in, foodies!

What is WAM / Sploshing?

Okie-dokie! You can count on Podopheleus to spill the beans.

WAM also known as Wet and Messy fetish also known as Sploshing is a sexual fetishism by which an individual becomes sexually stimulated when watching and playing with an ample amount of non bodily substances for instance, food, slime, muck. In the majority of cases substances are applied to either one’s clothing or the bare skin, the face, and the intimate parts.

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How to prepare for Sploshing⁉️

One: Setting Boundaries

What are your boundaries? This needs to be discussed before the sploshing begins. Try to be explicit as to what it is you want. Knowing your boundaries and limits is imperative for safe and healthy play. Additionally, to establish a safe word.

To learn more about safewords, please click here.

Furthermore, to discuss food intolerances and allergies. Given that both Domme and Sub listen to and respect each other’s boundaries and limits, then there’s no use in crying over spilt milk.

Two: Setting The Scene

Where is the sploshing going to take place? As for example, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, or in a BDSM dungeon/Play Space.

Three: Cover it up

Please bear in mind that things are about to get pretty messy, greasy, sticky and gooey. So if you are a novice splosher, it is highly recommended to cover any areas you don’t want spattered by using old sheets and newspapers.

Four: Being an organised Splosher

Having your food and drink ready to serve 😜

Having at the ready heavy duty refuse sacks or containers for used cans, bottles, clothes, cartons and so on and so forth.

Five: clear the way

Clean up after yourselves to avoid any slippery accidents. It is crucial to have a clear pathway to a washroom.

Alrighty then! Time to go nuts.

Let’s talk about Sploshing Foods

Now we are getting to the meat of things.


Sweet Tooth Sploshers

So, if you have a sweet tooth like Jeff Lemire, then cakes, jam, truffles, syrup, peanut butter, sweets, whipped cream, melted chocolate, chocolate sauce, yogurt, custard will do the trick.

Have you ever tried self pieing using Angel Delight? Give it a go? It’s super fun and It’s as easy as pie (oh! You knew that was coming, right?).

Savory Sploshers

Are you a savory Splosher? You can make use of raw eggs, baked beans, spaghetti, soup, ketchup, mayonnaise, gravy, mashed potatoes, mushy peas, and macaroni cheese.

Arouse your senses. It’s time to go Bananas!

You can stimulate and heighten your senses by experimenting with the following:

– the smell of food.

– the taste of foods.

– you can use the texture of foods to manipulate the sensations of pleasure and pain. From egg massages to honey messages.

– cold and warm foods. As an example, using ice cream as a cold substance and porridge as a warm substance. Go deeper and add some tabasco sauce. Ooh! You’ve got yourself in a right pickle, haven’t you?

– depriving certain senses. As for instance, blindfolds are commonly used to manipulate sight.

To learn more about sensory deprivation, please click here 👇

5 x Sexual Roleplay ideas for Sensory Deprivation sessions –

There we have it, foodies! Is sploshing really all it’s cracked up to be? After seeing a photo of Nicki Minaj dipped in chocolate syrup 😮 well, I guess the proof is in the pudding, right? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site.

Much Kink Love


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