Sons – Post-hair transplant treatment and why it is so important

Having a hair transplant can be an invasive but life-changing experience. It can offer men a new lease of life and boost their confidence like never before. Once the transplant is over, however, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your hair care.

What does this mean exactly? Well, when hair transplants are performed, men are given a permanent solution to replace the hair on their head that was previously subject to male pattern baldness. However, there may be hair on your head that did not require replacing and is therefore your natural hair.

This is the hair that you will need to care for more cautiously. If you’ve already lost some of the natural hair on your head, this could mean that the rest of your natural, or “native”, hair is at risk too.

Maintenance of your existing natural hair

To maintain the existing hair you have, there are some useful things you can do. One of those is taking preventative measures to keep this hair strong by adding more Biotin to your diet. It’s unlikely that you’ll have a Biotin deficiency, but not impossible.

Adding this vitamin, B7 as it’s often called, to your daily consumption can help strengthen your hair follicles and make your hair look healthier.

Biotin works by helping the body produce Keratin, a protein that contributes towards the health of our skin, nails, and hair. While the studies need more investigation, an increased presence of this protein should result in better-looking and better-feeling hair.

Medication that can assist

Another product to consider is the Oral Finasteride medication. Finasteride works by blocking the DHT enzyme, which male bodies naturally produce so that you have a better environment for your hair follicles to thrive in and the blood flow to your scalp increases.

Oral Finasteride is a safe form of treatment that prescribers give to men who want to put a stop to hair loss. Continued use post-transplant can greatly increase the likelihood that you will keep the natural hair you have remaining.

Additionally, the Combination Spray treatment on offer from Sons can work as a spearheaded attack against your hair loss issues. DHT should be blocked from your scalp’s follicles and the process of regrowth can commence.

Achieving stronger hair requires consistent use; even missing a few days of your treatment can show in the results. Of course, listen to the advice of the person who performed your hair transplant and stick to the plan they suggest, but your Sons prescriber will be able to complement this recovery with our products.

Contact Sons today to see what other forms of treatment are available if you’re suffering from hair loss.

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