New Years in Nauru (again)

Well after a lot of planning, worry over the measles outbreak, immunizations, canceled flights, and a partridge in a pear tree, I’ve finally achieved my third new years in a row in Nauru!

We started the day by touring the inner part of the island, which involved urban exploration in the abandoned phosphate factories, WW2 stuff, and some prisons. There are 15 people in prison in Nauru, and it turns out they get really excited when Asian girls walk past their window…

Then it was time for the Nauruan pub crawl, 4 bars in a day! Ok not that impressive, but can you say you’ve done a pub crawl around a country in a day? I can. We started at the Od-n Aiwo hotel with a beer, before heading to Jules Deck bar. Amazing sunset, and a great cocktail, the Nauruan sunset. Dinner and drinks were held at the best restaurant in Nauru, Bayview, before finishing at the Menen Hotel.

Karaoke, booze, music, dancing and jumping into the swimming pool fully clothed at midnight.

On new years in Nauru the locals are big into the “after party”, and I ended up god knows where, until god knows when, losing my phone (which I got back the next day), and generally enjoying Nauruan hospitality!

Sun, sea, booze, friendly people, and a great party. If the question is “what is there to do in Nauru”? The answer is quite a lot. Is Nauru the most underrated country in earth? Maybe….

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