Most Common Sizes of Pizza Boxes

Pizza is one of the most popular and beloved foods in the world. Whether grabbing a quick slice on the go, ordering in for a family movie night, or throwing a big pizza party, pizza takes the center stage. The common element in all of the above is transport. You want to make sure your product delivers its best performance of taste and freshness to the customer. You need a reliable way to transport and serve your pizza. That’s where pizza boxes come in. The box is the first impression to the consumer.

Different Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes are an essential part of the pizza delivery and takeout experience. There are many different sizes of pizza boxes for sale, each with their own unique benefits. Make sure you choose the size wisely, this is a case where one size doesn’t fit all. If the box is too big, the pizza will shift and be damaged during transport. Here are a few of the most common pizza boxes sizes to consider what is right for your business:

Small Pizza Boxes

Small pizza boxes are perfect for personal-sized pizzas or small orders. The most common size for a small pizza box is 8 to 10 inches. These boxes are ideal for takeout orders or small pizza restaurants specializing in personal-sized pizzas.

Medium Pizza Boxes

Medium pizza boxes are the most commonly used size for delivery and takeout. These boxes typically measure 12 to 14 inches and can hold one medium-sized pizza or a few smaller-sized pizzas. If you want pizza boxes, medium-sized boxes are your best bet for versatility.

Large Pizza Boxes

Large pizza boxes are typically used for larger orders or family-sized pizzas. These boxes usually measure 16 to 18 inches and can hold one large pizza or multiple smaller pizzas. Large pizza boxes are a must-have for throwing a pizza party or catering for a large group.

Extra-Large Pizza Boxes

Extra-large pizza boxes are the biggest size available for extra-large pizzas or catering orders. These boxes can measure up to 24 inches and are perfect for big events or large pizza chains. If you want to buy pizza boxes, extra-large boxes can be harder to find but are a must-have for any large-scale pizza operation.

Custom Pizza Boxes

In addition to standard sizes, many pizza companies offer custom pizza boxes with unique dimensions or shapes. These boxes are often used for promotional purposes and are designed to stand out. Custom pizza boxes can be a great way to create a memorable brand.

How Much Empty Space Inside a Pizza Box?

Pizza boxes are typically square or rectangular, which can leave some space inside the box. The amount of space inside a pizza box will depend on the size of the box and the size of the pizza it is designed to hold.

Generally, pizza boxes are designed to hold the pizza snugly, with minimal extra space to prevent the pizza from shifting during transport. However, you may need extra space to allow for ventilation and prevent the pizza from becoming soggy.

When it comes to pizza boxes, there are a variety of sizes to choose from, depending on your needs. Small boxes are perfect for personal pizzas, medium boxes are ideal for delivery and takeout, large boxes are great for family-sized orders, and extra-large boxes are essential for large-scale operations. Custom boxes are also available for those looking to make a unique statement. Consider your needs and choose the right size and type of box to ensure your pizza arrives safely and intact.

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