The Mass Games are back! (maybe)

We were very excited to see the news about the mass games coming back, obviously broken by the fine people at YPT, but we also couldn’t help but notice the country is also still closed due to coronavirus.

If you’ve never heard of the Mass Games North Korea, you can read a wonderful explanation of its history here, but in the good old days of the Soviet Union, and Romania people went nuts for a bit of sporty synchronised Mass Gymnastics.

Mass Games North Korea
2019 Mass Games in North Korea

The main theme used to be Arirang, a traditional Korean love story and song, but since been known as Glorious Fatherland, and prosperous country.

What will the Mass Games be Called in 2020?

We don’t know…

What will the theme be for the 2020 Mass Games North Korea?

Something about how great the country is, if we had to guess.

Will there be street food?

North Korea has good street food, and I guess I’m not going to avoid visiting North Korea this summer.

See you in Pyongyang (probably).

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