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Jules on Deck, one of the 4 best base in Nauru! So, if you are a regular reader of my blog, and yes there are a few of you! You will know that I am currently based in Cambodia. You may also know that we’ve just had a bit of a Covid-19 outbreak.

You can read about the Phnom Penh coronavirus outbreak here

Therefore I am being a good boy and staying in as much as I can. Why? Because Hun Sen said so! And to be fair the Cambodian government have done an amazing job on Covid-19 so far.

Therefore I’m doing some retro blogging! Here’s one of my favorite bars in Nauru.

What’s this Nauru thing and why does it have bars?

Nauru is a tiny Pacific Island nation of 10,000 people. It is the least visited country in the world, and I spend every new year there. Well up until now

Nauru has exactly 4 bars, which means you can pub crawl it in a day.

To read about the Nauru Pub Crawl crawl click here

What are the 4 bars in Nauru?

The four bars are Bayview, Jules on Deck, Hotel Menem Bar, and the bar at Od’n Aiwo Hotel. I will also add that this is also my list of preference from good to bad.

So Jules on Deck is the second best bar in Nauru?

Jules would be the best bar in Nauru, but they are very sporadic about their opening times, but when they are open it is great. They are also the only “local’ Nauruan bar.

What is great about Jules on Deck, Nauru?

They serve probably the best cocktails on Nauru, granted not a great claim to fame when there are only 4 bars, but still. The bar also offers by far the best ambience of any bar in Nauru.

The staff here are friendly, they occasionally have live music and then theres the sunset.

There is no better place to see the sun set in Nauru than at Jules on Deck and its surrounding beachfront.

And that’s all you need to know about the second best bar in Nauru! Only three more reviews to write.

Jules on Deck Nauru

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