Je Oun Restaurant Siem Reap – getting ripped off

Je Oun Restaurant Siem Reap – getting ripped off in Siem Reap! I take being the street food guy relatively serious. I never do a good review for favours, nor do I tell people I am a blogger before I eat. I find people like that to be in general assholes. As a travel agent I have dealt with my fair share of up their own asses bloggers.

Generally speaking I try to follow the rule of if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything. Every now and again though you have to write a true and therefore bad review.

Sadly it can be a vicious circle though. A blogger, or Lonely Planet or whoever find a place, tell everyone how good it is and then? They become money hungry and totally against whatever was initially written.

Getting ripped off in Siem Reap

We get it everyone is struggling. Perhaps people are struggling in Siem Reap more than other parts of Cambodia, but the rip-off culture runs much deeper. People are so used to earning “big scores” from tourists that they have not noticed the only people left are expats. They have the tourist disease that is far from unique to Siem Reap, you see it in places like Yangshuo for example. It still doesn’t make it fun though.

Je Oun Restaurant Siem Reap

So, my friends found a blog that said Je Oun in Siem Reap (also known as Che Own) did a fabulous Vietnamese breakfast for 5000 rial. That is about $1.25. It turns out the food was indeed amazing.

Je Oun Restaurant Siem Reap
Je Oun Siem Reap breakfast

To learn about how Cambodian currency works click here

They had the meal, pictured, which was to be fair fabulous. Then came the bill, 16000 Rial, or $4. See the difference? My friends complained, but paid. They were then shouted at by the rude staff, who at this point did not speak English. After then showing said blog suddenly the staff were not only apologetic, but spoke English and produced change.

They obviously care a lot about what the internet thinks about them. Which is quite funny as they have a 2.6 rating on Google.

To summarize on Je Oun Restaurant Siem Reap

Great food, but they will charge you more if you are a foreigner. Whether you decide to go there, or not is up to you. I for one won’t be.

If you would like to eat the best Banh Mi in Siem Reap though, click this link.

Although if you do wish to go there, or need advice on how to avoid here.

Address of Je Oun Siem Reap

Je Oun Restaurant
Taphul Rd, Krong Siem Reap
092 215 006

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