How to start your own baking business as a side hustle 

Consider yourself an avid baker? Why not turn your passion into a side hustle to create an extra stream of income? You can bake alongside your regular job without having to sacrifice too much time, so here’s how to start up your own baking business if you’re considering doing so.

Write up a business plan

Starting your own business is exciting, so getting everything down on paper is essential to understand what your business goals are and how exactly you will execute and achieve them.

Your business plan should outline the equipment you need and the approximate costs to carry out your baking. It should also set out your mission statement and what you aim to achieve with your side hustle.

Be sure to include factors such as who your target audience is, prices of your baking goods and how you will market and advertise your business.

Having the right equipment

Investing in suitable equipment to carry out your baking is key to success. For instance, plastic sheets like these here can be used to protect food from flies and improve overall hygiene in your kitchen.

Using the relevant equipment means you can carry out the job comfortably and efficiently, which will increase the amount of goods you can create. It will also ensure high levels of safety.

You’ll be able to deliver your baking without greater risk of injury, and your productivity levels will increase using high-spec kit.


Any business that involves handling food will need the relevant qualifications and certificates to ensure responsible knowledge and levels of food practice and hygiene.

This will help to give your customers peace of mind that they are purchasing from a reputable baker. If you have a separate kitchen that you bake all your goods in, you may need to undergo a check by the Food Standards Agency.

Practice makes perfect

Find your signature bakes and perfect your recipes. Practice multiple times in the comfort of your kitchen to become familiar with the products you are selling.

It’s important to do this as it will help to keep your baking consistent, too. This is especially crucial when baking multiple batches for one customer, as they will expect the same excellent quality throughout each and every product.

Make sure to write down your recipes, having separate notes for different amounts, so you can achieve the perfect bake every time.



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