A 6-Step Guide On How To Make The Perfect Barbeque Meat At Home

There is nothing quite like the smell of barbeque meat cooking on a summer day. The taste and texture of properly cooked barbeque meat are unbeatable. Unfortunately, many people are not confident enough to try cooking barbeque meat at home. They may think it’s too difficult or time-consuming.

This guide will show you that cooking barbeque meat at home is easy and can be done in a short amount of time. You will learn the essential steps you need to take to make perfect barbeque meat every time. So fire up your grill and get ready to cook some delicious barbeque meat!

Use The Right Grill

Investing in a good grill is the first step to cooking barbeque meat. If you are planning to cook meat outdoors, the best choice is a charcoal grill. This does not mean you have to burn logs of wood. Lump charcoal is an excellent source of fuel because it burns evenly and generates high temperatures without any chemical additives or impurities. Another great option is a gas grill with two burners that get very hot. The heat should be adjustable so you can lower it when barbequing chicken or other types of meat that do not require high temperatures to cook. Before buying any of these make sure you find a good online review on different models and compare prices. You should also consider a good smoker grill if you want the traditional barbeque to taste everyone loves.

Use Quality Meat

Barbeque recipes are not typically written to accommodate the cheapest meat available. If you do not begin with quality meats, your barbeque will taste like cheap cuts of meat cooked poorly under high heat. Therefore,  do yourself the favor of getting some nice cuts of meat, like good marbled beef short ribs, pork spare ribs, or a nice sirloin steak. If you are not sure what high-quality meat to buy, ask your butcher or local grocery manager for advice on what they would recommend.


Marinating meat before cooking is an important step when barbequing. This process improves the flavor and helps to draw out some of the meat’s fatty juices so it cooks evenly and stays tender. Experiment with different types of marinades, but stay away from sauce recipes that require dairy products like sour cream or buttermilk because these will break down when heated. Instead, try using thick teriyaki sauce to marinate meat or one of the many other types of sauces available at any grocery store. You may also go with an oil and vinegar mixture, or use your marinade recipe. Marinades not only improve flavor but help to soften tough cuts of meat that come from the ribs or leg area of cows, pigs, and goats.


Once you have marinated your meat, it is time to season. A good seasoning rub will add flavor and help give the barbeque a nice crust on the outside of each piece of meat. It can be difficult to make a good seasoning mix from scratch, so finding a premade variety at your local grocery stores is usually a better option. You may also use leftover minced garlic or onion that you have previously used in other recipes. Be careful not to over-season because too much salt will dry out the meat when cooking. If you are in a real hurry, you can always use garlic salt or au jus mix for seasoning instead of making your own from scratch.

Control The Heat

Temperature control is always important when cooking anything, especially barbequed meat since it tends to dry out if cooked too long or over high heat. High heat should only be used for quickly searing meats to seal in juices so they cook evenly total time without burning the outside layer. The best way to control high heat is with a lid on the grill so you can adjust the cooking time by how long it takes to reach desired internal temperatures. Use a lower heat for longer times to slowly cook meats through and keep them tender. You may also consider purchasing a cooking thermometer that is very useful when barbequing because most cuts of meat have recommended internal temperatures that tell you when they are ready to eat.

Let It Rest

After the last step, the final important tip for making perfect barbeque meat every time is letting it rest before serving. Cover your cooked meat with foil for about 15 minutes after taking it off high heat and let it sit this way as it finishes cooking inside while remaining warm on the outside. There is some science behind this process that helps redistribute juices throughout the meat, but mostly it is a good idea because the meat needs time to relax after being cooked. If you cut into a steak or other cut of barbeque before the resting period ends, all its delicious flavor will pour out onto your plate and be gone forever.

barbeque meat

As you can see, making the perfect barbeque meat at home is not hard to do when your know-how. It is always good to experiment with different cuts and marinades, but once you find what you like the best stick with it for perfect barbeque meat every time. Just follow these simple steps and your friends and family may never want take-out again. Happy grilling!

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