North Korea top 5 drinks and snacks

North Korea is perennially peering down the barrel of starvation if you just listen to western propaganda. Now whilst it is undeniable that they did go through a very difficult time during the arduous march in the 90s, its food has come leaps still. And bounds since then with a number of great restaurants. And dare we say locally made snacks that are well worth a look.

Here’s our 5 favorite North Korean made drinks and snacks!

 5. Beer fish

beer fish

Beer fish! If you’ve ever visited North Korea, you will know that this is pretty much a national obsession. The fish is pollock and the Koreans dry it. And then, well, you eat it whilst drinking beer fish. Usually, served with wasabi and soy sauce. It’s a truly great beer snack.

4) Potato soda

Yes, you read that correctly! I discovered this product whilst running a booth at the Rason International Trade Fair. At first, I was mesmerized by its taste. It was indeed a soda. BUT made with potatoes and good for you. But alas quite the aftertaste, meaning it won’t be yet replacing sprite as my vodka mixer.

3) North Korean soju

north korean soju

Soju is great and the North Koreans make it the best. The southern one tends to be mass produced whilst the northern variety of the stuff is more natural and flavorsome. And most importantly, cheap.

2) North Korean ice-cream

The North Koreans like ice-cream so the government make a lot of it really cheaply. It’s maybe no socialist ice-cream paradise like Cappelia in Cuba but it certainly does the trick!

1) North Korean beer

north korean beer

North Korean beer is about much more than Taedonggang, with most bars and restaurants having their own home-brew. And if it wasn’t North Korea, it would probably be filled with bearded New York hipsters talking about the “craft scene”. But thankfully, it isn’t!

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