Getting to Palau

I’m not gonna lie, Manila to Palau was one of my more eventful flights……

I had a 90 minute delay, and lounge access. I finally went down for my flight and ended up having bants with a Russian lady who lived in London. Next thing we’re on the same flight, and she had soju…

We drink Soju then flight Chicken our way into extra leg room, and wine. Lots of wine. I’ve learned a really important lesson, if you’re polite to flight attendants you get more booze. Period. It wasn’t quite a first class upgrade, but it was close. Kudos to United Airlines, I came expecting little, but you delivered a lot.

Drinking and chatting to a stranger can be an amazing thing, particularly if they are nice and can hold a conversation.

Immigration? A blur shall we say….Pick up was late, and my room was overlooking a human waste processing plant.

No idea if I’ll see the Russian again, but Palau had been reached and breached. There’s no point travelling unless things are memorable, and this was.

Three hours sleep and then I was up dealing with work. People think I’m on a perpetual holiday, sadly I’m not.

Hopefully I’ll get to write about some street food at some point, for now I’ll just bask in the glory of life, and country 150.

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