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What is the best Cambodian travel app? Cambodia used to be a barren waste land when it came to tech innovations, but things are slowly starting to change.

If you go back just a few years hardly any Cambodians had a bank account, let alone were interested in anything fintech like, innovation and indeed Covid-19 have started to change things. No longer do we have to play Tuk-Tuk roulette, you can get good and bad food delivered and pay for things ceaselessly, well providing you have ABA.

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Travel Apps in Cambodia

When it comes to travel and tourism apps though the landscape has been a bit barren for a while, again with the exception of taxi apps, which are numerous and literally help you not get robbed. 

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Best Cambodian Travel App
Best Cambodian Travel App

Best Cambodian Travel App – News Section

Most travel apps tend to be focussed on just touristic things, which in my mind at least is a mistake, the best travel apps and indeed the best Cambodian travel apps should include a news section. 

Cambodian media might not exactly be famous for being good, but all the main players are there, such as KT, PPP and of course Khmer Nights.

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Best Cambodian Travel App
Best Cambodian Travel App

Of course no app is made with just pure altruism in mind, so at some point they will surely need to monetize, be it through adds, or whatever, but for now at least you can register your business for free.

As things currently stand they have 600 plus companies registered with them, no mean feat at all, meaning from a pure numbers point of view at least they are the best Cambodian travel app. 

Currently there is a protocol to register your business on the app, or you can e-mail them if you have questions. All fairly simple. 

Best Cambodian Travel app – how do I get it?

From the app store dummy! It is available on both IOS and Google Play, or you can check out their website here, but download it, play with it, register your business and get ready for the good times to roll again. 

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