Electricite du Cambodge vs Asia Euro United FC

Electricite du Cambodge vs Asia Euro United FC was how I decided to spend my Sunday, after having stayed up watch England defeat Ukraine 4-0 the night before. I have written about what it is like to to watch football in Cambodia before, with y overall take being that it is very entertaining.

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Taking a Covid-19 test in Phnom Penh

I’ll try not to bitch about this too much, but whilst the sign says $30, locals pay 20 and barang pay 60. It’s obviously bullshit, but this is what is required if you want to watch football in Cambodia right now, or at least be allowed to work at one.

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What is the Electricite du Cambodge (EDC) Stadium like

Electricite du Cambodge vs Asia Euro United FC
EDC FC stadium

I have to say rather unique! In Fact I love it. The stadium is basically in a power plant, with a decent football pitch, but not much room for visiting fans! In fact the best views of the games come form the slum-like houses that surround the stadium. I’m tempted to go knock on doors the next time I need to see a match.

What is there to eat and drink at the EDC Stadium?

Nothing at all! Although there is a lady outside selling street food, as well as a few cafes and the like. This is very much an industrial part of town with very very few thrills.

Electricite du Cambodge vs Asia Euro United

EDC actually had a cracker of a game, but somehow got spanked 4-0, they also missed 2 penalties. Cameroonian forward Abbee Ndjoo, who I have previously met on a ferry managed to score a hat-trick. A brilliant restart to the season and I am particularly excited to be going to watch more matches in the next few months.

Street Food at EDC stadium

There is one street food vendor outside of the stadium and the odd cafe, but this is literally a stadium in a power plant in the industrial part of the city, Wembley it is not.

Can you buy an Electricite du Cambodge FC football shirt?

Yes you can! Apparently they even have a club shop, but where said shop is no one knows. They were though happy to sell me a shirt for $12. I now have an EDC and a Visakha shirt. I think I now collect Cambodian football shirts…..

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